Below is one sample of Santa's Letters. The letters are done on parchment paper in a "Christmas-style" scroll. The elves figured that your browser may not show the script properly, so they didn't use the script here. Your special person's name will replace the name you see here.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If you have a special, or personal request beyond the content you see here... please ask us. The elves are very reasonable, and will make changes... as long as Mrs. Clause keeps the warm-from-the-oven cookies coming!


December 25, 2010

Dear Stephanie ,

Mrs. Claus and I were having hot chocolate and cookies with some of the reindeer and elves. We were talking about all the very special children we know. Several times, Stephanie, your name kept coming up. So, we wanted to wish you a very special Merry Christmas.

Dasher says hello. Uh-oh, Mrs. Claus is chasing him out of the kitchen... that is the third time he got into her fresh cookies just out of the oven! Still, when he heard your name, he wanted to make sure that we have you down for something special this year. So he is going to have Pete, the head elf, pick it out special for you, Stephanie . We just want to make sure that it is special since you have been very good at school, but especially at home.

Mrs. Claus and I are very happy to see what a great job you are doing. It is special children like you that make Christmas special for us. So, Stephanie , we just wanted to tell you how proud we are of you. Please keep up the good work and we will see you Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas,


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