Santa's Letters from the North Pole

Personalized letters for your kids, and as special gifts!

Spice up your greeting cards this year..... give that unique personalized "Letter From Santa" to those special people on your list. For less than many of those pretty cards .you can give something special that is remembered for years to come....Get a personalized letter mailed directly to your child from Santa Claus. Each special Christmas greeting comes personalized by name!!

What a special thrill the child will have opening that special greeting from Santa and finding a signed personalized letter from him!!

Just $6.50 (USD for domestic) per letter, including Postage and Handling. International "Letters from Santa" are only $8.50 (USD for international). All orders received before December 15, (depending on the US Post office... sorry, Santa uses them too) will receive their letter before Christmas. (English text only)

This is a very special gift that will warm the heart of children of all ages. A great gift for your children, grandkids, loved ones, and special friends. After all, who's spirit isn't lifted during the Holiday's by the friendly old "Elf" and his special greetings.
(see sample here...)

Get one for everyone on your mailing list.... no matter how young at heart!!

Because of the heavy demand put on the Post Office at this time of the year, Santa is letting the folk's at PayPal handle payments for him. By using their Secure Payment Center, both you and Santa can be sure that your order gets in on time with no delays due to weather and delays in processing through his mail department (the little guys try their best, but it is all they can do to keep up with the toy letters, making toys, and the feeding and training of the reindeer!)

So, to place your order have the names of the special person(s) ready, with mailing address... CLICK HERE!!

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